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Pelancho is the nickname that some of my aunts, uncles and cousins on my Mother's side (the Bouvets, Herrera's and Rosales) called me when we were kids.  Some of them still do.  It seemed appropriate to use it as my blog handle.

The image of the star on Mount Franklin is important to me as my last job in my hometown of El Paso before I left on January 15, 1977 was to turn on and guard the star at night.  The star graces the side of Mount Franklin in El Paso and is situated right above our family home.

I worked at El Paso Electric company at the time.  I would drive up to the mountain in a jeep and spend the night on the crest.  It was a wonderful place to "PONDER" life, art, the future.  On a few occasions I had to chase kids down off the mountain that had hiked up to shoot out the light bulbs.  At the time the star was made of bulbs suspended from telephone poles.  I'm not sure that is still the case.  Also, the star was only lit during the Christmas Holiday. …